Do you Onsen?

Ok, so, first of all, let me preface this by saying that I am a white, middle class, Australian girl (Woman? Adult is definitely questionable). I am not Japanese, I do not have Japanese heritage, I have not lived in Japan (although I have visited twice), you get the idea. Nevertheless, there is something that … More Do you Onsen?

Top 5 reasons you should always get travel insurance

1) Weather:  I have a history of missing inclement weather by the skin of my teeth. I remember sitting in Heathrow, freaking out because it was snowing like crazy and flights were being cancelled left, right, and centre. I managed to get on my plane literally an hour before they shut the airport. I also avoided the volcanic ash … More Top 5 reasons you should always get travel insurance

Travel Buddies

I started thinking about where to start with travel tips and figured this was the most important one. Who you travel with, similar to accommodation and weather can really make or break a trip and a friendship/relationship. Here are some pointers: 1. Discuss/plan what type of trip you both want it to be BEFORE you … More Travel Buddies