About thetravelsaga

So first off, I am not a writer, although I am a linguist. I have been blogging for the past nine years, but never had anything I seriously wanted to blog about. Until now.

I am a bit of a roving nomad, having moved around a lot and traveled extensively interstate, but my first overseas sojourn wasn’t until 2008 and I discovered that I was surprisingly good at it. Which was helpful, because I was addicted from that moment on.

Since that time I have traveled to 31 countries, across 5 continents. And done a bit more of Australia too. Emails I sent home to family and friends were continuously met with ‘You should write a book!’. I’m too lazy/busy for that, so this blog is the halfway point.

These are my stories, as well as handy tips I have picked up along the way. They are all true- even the ridiculous ones- and written from my view point and sense of humour. I do poke fun at tourists, and myself, but am always trying to be respectful of other cultures. The ‘Cultural tips’ section is extremely tongue in cheek and is not meant to be offensive, more amusing (I’m Australian, that is our way).

Please comment if you like what you read, or have been to the place I am talking about. Part of the fun is hearing from random strangers, so don’t be shy 😉


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