Captain Obvious: Cambodia

  • Can you find a fresh coconut to drink from?
  • Will there be fruit waiting for you after you exit a temple?
  • Will a hopeful sounding ‘Tuk tuk?’ haunt you wherever you walk/stand?
  • Is there any distance or terrain that the humble Tuktuk cannot cover (or die trying)?
  • Can anything- including the furnishings of a small house- be transported via rickshaw and a 200cc bike?
  • Will you doubt the accuracy of weather forecasts because you’ve experienced 30 degree weather and it’s not meant to feel like you’re in Dante’s Inferno?
  • Can you see ruins, temples and fairy lights, all within 5 metres?
  • Will you curse prices being in increments of 50c (US)?
  • Does the constant cry of ‘Tuk Tuk’ begin to sound like you are surrounded by chickens?

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